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InnerFlame Studios is building a brand new studio!
We are currently designing a brand new studio with more space for recording, mixing, and mastering your projects than our previous location. We'll be offering a dedicated control room, live room, and lounge. Check out the news section for more information.
Recent Projects...

Prime Material
Prime Material
The Empire Shall Fall
Devon Wade
Devon Wade

Top of the Line Equipment
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equipment to make your music sound
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Focal Solo 6 and Sub 6
API 3124
Portico 5012
Crane Song

12-18-11 Update
Getting close to "breaking ground" on the new studio. Initial design plans for the new studio are complete! Check out the images:

Live Room Design
Live Room
Control Room Design
Control Room

1-9-11 Update
Mixing is finally completed for the Prime Material project and the mixes were sent off to Alan Douches for mastering. Alan is super talented and I'm excited to hear his masters. He has a ton of experience in mastering metal music so he should be a great fit for this project.
6-10-10 Update
Finishing up two final songs for the Prime Material EP.
Just got a pair of BeesNeez Lulu Fet mics and they sound incredible! I'm very excited to put them to use.
2-4-10 Update
Well, slowly but surely the Prime Material project is coming together. Vocal tracks for three of the songs are complete and I've been spending time doing small edits to them. One song still needs to have some kinks worked out and then the mixing fun begins!
9-6-09 Update
I have a few different projects going on at the moment. We are getting close to wrapping up the tracking for Devon Wade's project. I'm anxious to start working on mixing this project - I think it will turn out really well. Drum editing is almost done for the Hatefist side project and we'll be reamping guitars soon.
7-23-09 Update
Just a quick update... I'm currently working on tracking a side project for several members of Seattle based Hatefist. We are half way through the drum tracking and editing and its sounding great!
I also have a new piece of gear on the way. Its a Benchmark DAC-1 D/A converter - can't wait to get it!
4-9-09 - Choir of Angels (845)
Finished up mixing another great song by The Empire Shall Fall. Check it out on the Media page.
3-11-09 - New Amp
We've added a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier amp to the collection.
2-18-09 - We the People
I've just finished mixing a demo track for The Empire Shall Fall, featuring ex Killswitch Engage singer Jesse Leach. It's a great song and I think the mix turned out really good. Check out the media page to hear it.

11-15-08 - MySpace Page
We are now on MySpace! Check our page out at and add us as a Friend.
9-1-08 - New Song - A Cover of Saints by Destroy the Runner
I've finished recording the cover of Saints. Listen to it on the Media page. InnerFlame Studios has also added a new EQ to their Arsenal - the A Designs HM2 Hammer tube EQ.

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