InnerFlame Studios

InnerFlame Studios is a full service home recording studio located in Sandpoint, Idaho. Our goal is to give local musicians the opportunity to produce a professional quality recording for a fraction of the cost. We offer the following services:

  • Tracking
    • Multi-track digital recording into a Pro Tools DAW via quality analog preamps and a Lynx Aurora Converter. We can record 12 simultaneous tracks and have reamping capabilities to provide the ultimate flexibility for guitars. There is an isolation room that is great for tracking vocals and guitars as well as a larger room that can be utilized for drums. Both of these spaces are acoustically treated.

  • Mixing
    • Mixing takes place in Pro Tools and is a hybrid approach. We utilize both digital plugins "in the box" as well as outboard analog gear "out of the box." Mixes are monitored through Focal professional monitors with Yamaha NS10s used as a real world reference.

  • Mastering
    • Mastering is the final step in the process of making a CD and can really take your CD to the next level. This process includes optimizing the frequency balance of the audio, level maximizing and leveling across songs, sequencing and spacing of songs on a CD, and burning of a final "master" CD for duplication.

  • Reamping
    • Not happy with your guitar recordings? Want the sound from a certain amp you don't have access to? Send us a DI track of your guitar and we can "reamp" it though one of our many amps and cabs using the highest quality mics, preamps, and converters.

don't hesitate to contact us with any questions...
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